Does the hotel offer dedicated check-in for groups?

This varies from hotel to hotel. The size of the group and time of arrival can also be factors. If we are organising transfers to the hotel we will monitor the progress of these and let the hotel know you are en route and your estimated arrival time so they are expecting you and have the appropriate members of staff ready. If you are organising your own transfers we will provide you with the hotel's contact details and would recommend you contact them when you are on the way to them to advise of your arrival time.

When you book with GroupFun, ahead of your stay we will send you a special link to provide the full details of your group (eg their names, rooming preferences, any special details re diet or disabilities etc). These details are stored securely in our system and passed securely to our hotel partners before you arrive. Some hotel partners will also allow required ID to be collected this way. Our online system can therefore dramatically reduce the time it takes groups to check in.