Do the hotels have restaurant facilities for group meals?

The short answer to this question is yes, we do have many hotels who offer restaurant facilities for groups but there are a few things to think about!

The size of hotel and the size and type of your group is an important factor. For example a group of 50 dining in a small hotel restaurant could be overwhelming for certain hotels. They may struggle to serve and cater to so many people at once and they may not have the ideal configuration of seating and tables. In almost all cases you will need to make reservations for group dining well in advance. Fixed price options are available.

Some hotels may not cater to groups above a certain size because they feel it impacts the atmosphere of the restaurant for other guests. Conversely in some large city hotels this would present no problem at all. Some hotels may not be keen to serve groups at certain times of the day (eg Friday or Saturday evenings). Some hotels don't like certain types of group (eg sports teams). Some hotels will have a dress code for their restaurant. Many hotels will offer a set menu for groups and the larger the group the more likely it is they ask you to choose what you would like to eat in advance. Some hotels can offer buffets. If members of your group have dietary requirements or certain allergies it is important the hotel knows about this as early as possible.

Some hotels do offer facilities for groups to dine together in a dedicated private or semi private area. Some of these dedicated areas can be lovely, others can lack atmosphere (eg a windowless conference room!)

Finally, the purpose of your meal can be a big factor. If you are a sports team returning from a days training and want a high protein meal before bed that is very different from a group attending a conference who want an evening meal to socialise and relax.

We have many years experience in this area and can offer advice! If in hotel restaurant facilities are important to you please indicate this on our Quote Form and we will do our best to find options with this facility. As always the more information you can give us the better.